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Child Sexual Abuse

There has been an understandable national and local focus in recent years on child sexual abuse outside of the family, through exploitation. While the term child sexual abuse (CSA) encompasses child sexual exploitation, the HSCP CSA strategy is in respect of intrafamilial sexual abuse.  This is sexual abuse that occurs within a family environment by a perpetrator who is a family member or family friend. Around two-thirds of all CSA that is reported to the police is intrafamilial.  This includes situations where someone is living within the same household as a child and assuming a position of trust or authority over that child through adoption, fostering, marriage or living together as partners.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in 2017 stated the long-lasting negative impact of sexual abuse on a child’s wellbeing that can reach into adulthood. This includes poorer physical and mental health, relationship difficulties, substance misuse, and risk of being the victim of further violence and abuse. CSA is rarely an isolated occurrence and may go on for many years.  The impact on the child can be less severe if the abuse is stopped, and the victim receives good support, and this is why professionals need to be aware of the extent of CSA and their responsibilities to identify and respond to this form of abuse.

CSA is one of HSCP key priorities for 2022-2024.  The HSCP intend to show a commitment to improving and increasing the awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills of the professionals working with and supporting children in Hounslow who have experienced or are at risk of CSA. This strategic approach will focus on the need for effective and consistent practice around prevention, identification, investigation and assessment, and recovery.

It is important that all partner agencies of the HSCP support and are involved in this work. No single agency is able to respond effectively to child sexual abuse without the support and commitment of those within the wider partnership.

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